October 4, 2021
 min read

Salescast 3.1 Now Live

Salescast 3.1

We have a whole new look!

Hey everyone, it's been a wild ride since the beginning of Salescast since we first opened our doors in late May of 2020.

Our our core, we are a revenue-first podcasting company. But our spirit means so much more as we journey on our mission to connect 100 million people to their story.

If we are successful, that means we change the way sales is done around the world.

We've also identified some core values that drive us forward like: Kindness, Global Thinking, Accountability and Gratitude.

From our employees to our clients, this culture spills over into everything we do and shapes our every interaction.

Enjoy the new salescast!

Chris Decker is the co-founder and CEO of Salescast, Inc.

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